Thoughts for a Tuesday #2

ITEM: Sometimes the cutoff point for online news report lead ins can bring amusing results, as with one I just read that came out as ‘a police shooting left one man dead and angry’.

I figure I’d be pretty pissed too.

ITEM: Random conversation:-

Sister: Do you ever look at what socks you’re putting on in the morning?

Me: No. Does anyone?

Seriously, does anyone?

ITEM: ‘Peter Tennant’ is the fourth most popular search term bringing visitors to this blog, while ‘lucy liu bondage’ is the third most popular and ‘lucy liu in bondage’ the fifth.

I am the filler in a Lucy Liu sandwich it seems, which while it appeals to my love of innuendo, actually leaves me feeling gutted that apparently she’s more popular on my blog than I am.

I wonder if Lucy ever googles herself and turns up here, surprised to discover that she’s become a trumpetville meme.

ITEM: Sunday night I was sitting in my porch reading a book, when the dulcet tones of live music drifted across on the evening air and laid siege to my lugholes.

I checked in the Parish magazine, and discovered that Shipdham was holding its very own ‘battle of the bands’ on the village park. Woot!

It was a brief note at the end of an article detailing ‘events’, and it was reported that one previous event at the park had only been attended by four families, two of whom just happened to be there anyway.

A call to Max Clifford may be in order.

ITEM: The local Odeon cinema offers ‘adults only’ screenings, which cost a pound more than the normal, open to everyone screenings. The selling point is that you won’t have to put up with kids talking, using mobile phones etc.

I’m sorry, but isn’t this the sort of thing cinema staff are supposed to crack down on, not use as a pretext to make a little more profit?

ITEM: Staying with the cinema theme, rumour has it that post the shootings in Colorado one of our local multiplexes intends to search the bags of cinemagoers. I’d dismiss this as well-intentioned but essentially an over-reaction, except that my bullshit detector is going off and I suspect the real agenda is to check the punters aren’t smuggling in their own drinks and munchies instead of buying the cinema’s ludicrously overpriced confectionery.

ITEM: What happened in Colorado was terrible, almost too painful for words, and yet, even though I haven’t checked, I’ll bet that somewhere online there’s a message board or comment thread where arseholes will be posting hurtful remarks under the guise of comedy, and bleating about political correctness and freedom of speech should anybody call them on their bullshit.

For a number of people, it seems that when responding to a public tragedy this is the default setting, and I have to wonder why this is. It’s easy to dismiss the offenders as arseholes, but why does their arseholery take this particular form when there are so many other possibilities?

Perhaps it’s the ‘laughing in the face of misfortune’ philosophy taken to an extreme, and by mocking the hurt of others they think to immunise themselves.

If so then they either don’t realise or don’t care, that in laughing at the misfortune of others they only add to it.

Or maybe they’re just desperate for attention, for some recognition that they exist and have power of a kind to impact on the lives of others, so desperate that even to incite hatred and be reviled as an internet troll is better than to be ignored.

On that note, adieu my friends, adieu!

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