Thoughts for the Weekend #18

ITEM: I am, in case you hadn’t noticed, something of an intellectual. While the rest of you no doubt squeee about Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, The X-Factor and soaps, only the other night Ms P and I were having a very deep conversation about the Dutch classical musician Andre Rieu.

Ms P: People think he’s just a guy with a violin, but there’s a lot more to him than that.

Me: Yeah, he’s a guy with a violin and an orchestra.

ITEM: Earlier this week I received a spam email with the subject header ‘Are you taking on new clients?’

For a horrible moment there I thought The Imaginary Girlfriend had been pimping me out to her posh friends as an escort.

ITEM: Years ago, somebody who read a number of my stories, told me that she thought I was obsessed with sex and death. Not the truth, or at least not the entire truth, but we digress. At the time I had an idea that it would be a great wheeze to reinvent Henry Miller’s The World of Sex as The Land of Death, and then promptly did no more about it.

Until the other night, when I had a dream in which I had written The Land of Death and it was to be released by Sick Bitch Publishing. I was in a meeting with a fearsome looking lady in a power suit, who assured me that she was a very sick bitch indeed, and I was too frightened to disagree. She stood behind a table and hectored me about what her firm could do for me, while I sat in a chair and tried very hard to disappear.

At this point I wish to state that I am not in any way responsible for what goes on in my subconscious, and I have a crack team of litigators on speed dial should anyone imply otherwise.

ITEM: Somebody on Facebook reported that they’d seen the French film Baise Moi in HMV and it was placed in a spot where its title might be read by children, though it’s hard to think of anywhere in HMV where this wouldn’t be the case if my local store is in any way representative.

It reminded me of the time I lent the video cassette of this film to a friend and we met up at a cafe in Norwich so that he could return it. He’d placed it face up on the table just as the waitress wandered over to take our order. She asked what the title meant, and we both waited patiently for the other to answer.

And waited…

What wimps.

ITEM: There are bigots in Norfolk, apparently. A few years back in the village where I live a young man fired an air rifle through the window of a flat where two women lived. Depending on which account you believe this was  because (a) they were Portuguese (b) they were lesbians or (c) the gun had gone off accidentally, but the kid reckoned his mates would respect him more if they thought he was a bigot instead of simply clumsy.

ITEM: The most popular search term bringing traffic to this blog I am pleased to note is now ‘trumpetville’. Pleased, but puzzled, as I wouldn’t have thought the word had much currency other than as the name of my blog and anyone searching it would already know that.

The older I get the less sense the internet makes, and in my dotage I find myself hankering after the good old days of ‘lucy liu bondage’.

Sentimentality is a terrible thing.


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10 Responses to Thoughts for the Weekend #18

  1. DC5 says:

    Maybe the SB and her “firm” could to something TO you instead of FOR you. Sounds to me like a woman who might look good in a Freudian slip.

    • petertennant says:

      Nice thought DC5, but doesn’t appeal. I put up with The Imaginary Girlfriend’s caustic tongue for the greater good, but that’s as far down the BDSM route as I’m going.

  2. Ray Cluley says:

    I just checked my own search terms for traffic to my blog, having read your comments. I have a “grandma’s eight course belly busting meal” which is a little odd. Not sure how that would have lead them to my site. I’d much prefer Lucy Liu bondage

  3. Ray Cluley says:

    It’s a quote from Bradbury, but who’d use it as a search term?! Lucy Liu, though, I can completely understand (as a search term, not as someone who’d look for a belly busting meal). I might have to write a piece about her contribution to the horror genre or something, try and catch up with you on the ratings 😉

    Not much chance of that if we keep saying Lucy Liu in this thread.

    D’oh! Done it again.

    • petertennant says:

      Yeah, the first google gave me the Bradbury quote, but as you say hard to imagine why anyone is using it as a search term. Perhaps we’ve stumbled across a plot by her heirs to murder a rich grandmother through force feeding, and they were doing online research. And, of course, now through writing about it we have placed our own lives in danger, at least that’s how it always pans out in the “Jessica Fletcher Mysteries”.

      Anyway, you leave Lucy and her ropes alone. I had her first. Go and find your own bondage queen to drive traffic 😉

      • Ray Cluley says:

        As far as I’m aware, Jessica Fletcher is not my Auntie, so I should be okay (the family member you’d never want to visit you).

        And okay, fair enough – I have my alternative but I shan’t mention her here!

  4. petertennant says:

    Well it’d better not be Angela Lansbury 😉

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