Song for a Sunday #12

But first a snippet of news.

Not only am I a special juror for one of the British Fantasy Awards, but I am also now a contender, with the Case Notes column from Black Static shortlisted in the Non-Fiction category.

Click here and then scroll down to the very bottom of the page, where you’ll find little old me propping up everybody else.

Isn’t it exciting?

And thank you to anyone reading this who was actually misguided enough to recommend me.

To celebrate and show this hasn’t gone to my head, we shall have a poetry reading by Mr Michael Moorcock, followed by the mighty Hawk Lords’ rendition of one of their most fantabulous numbers.

This is, it has to be conceded, not a particularly good version of the song, but hey, Michael Moorcock.

I used to have all Hawkwind’s albums. I’ve seen them perform at least once, and maybe even twice, though sadly at a time when they were past their prime. As I recall it was very loud.


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2 Responses to Song for a Sunday #12

  1. Ray Cluley says:

    Congrats on the Case Notes nomination, Pete – I always enjoy them and tend to read them first. It’s often put me onto some good books, too, so I’m very grateful.

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