Song for a Sunday #9

Yes, I know that this isn’t Sunday, but there are compelling reasons to post a tune or two today.

Just as yesterday was the centenary of Bram Stoker’s death, today is the actual, real, honest to God birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II (you know, the lady who sends you tax statements, chucks bottles of champers at aircraft carriers and steps in every Christmas so that all the other celebrities can get a few minutes kip and spend time with their families).

Her Maj’s official birthday (the anniversary of the date she became ERII, as opposed to simply being born) is slightly later in the year, and it appears that we are having some sort of national celebration in recognition of fifty years on the throne, or I might be getting confused with the Olympics – that’s the one with all the sports people, right? 2012 is party year here in good old Blighty, and it’s getting real hard to keep track of all our reasons to be cheerful.

Anyway, a couple of numbers from my favourite Hollywood star turned rock singer and her band, one for Her Maj and one for me.

And if, as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, ERII takes a dive off the balcony at Buck House and crowd surfs down The Mall, then I am soooooooooooo becoming a monarchist.



Actually I lied. They were both for me.

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