Song for a Sunday #7

So, the other day I was in Iceland, and there was this little old lady ahead of me in the queue.

She put her basket in the pile by the checkout and rummaged around in the contents – fruit juice, toilet rolls, eggs, something else – and then had a look inside her purse, totalling up her money and finally deciding to put the toilet rolls back on the shelf.

When we got to the cashier she handed her money over, and the cashier asked for another ten pence. The little old lady dipped into her purse again and then held her hand out with some coppers on the palm. ‘I’ve only got nine pence,’ she said.

Everybody was looking embarrassed, including the checkout girl, who simply didn’t know what to do, so I pulled out a penny and gave it to her, and the little old lady blessed me and called me beautiful. Awww!

Anyway, it all reminded me of this:-


Yes children, there really was a time when David Bowie was relevant and wrote songs that were about, you know, things and stuff.


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3 Responses to Song for a Sunday #7

  1. When I first read this I thought, Wow, Pete’s being awfully casual about flying to Iceland for a day, then it dawned on me Iceland must refer to a UK store. I Googled it and sure enough, it’s a supermarket that serves mostly frozen dinners (something I don’t believe we have here in America, though I wish we did.) The meals themselves seem a higher quality than what we get (of course, I’m just looking at the packages.) The frozen meat pies reminded me of a tinned steak and kidney pie Mary and I used to buy. I think it was imported from Ireland. Absolutely delicious, even though it was canned. Once the mad cow scare started, it vanished from American shelves.

    The Bowie clip reminded me of one of my favorite early songs of his, not sure of the title, but it starts, “I recall how we lived on the corner of a bed…” Always thought it was a great depiction of young love. (I was young back then myself.)

    Happy Easter, Pete.

    • petertennant says:

      >>The meals themselves seem a higher quality than what we get (of course, I’m just looking at the packages.)

      I seriously doubt it Rob, but they do have purrrrty packaging 🙂

      The Bowie song you’re thinking of is “An Occasional Dream” – it’s on the “Space Oddity” album just two tracks after “God Knows I’m Good”, so we’re in the same ball park 🙂

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