Song for a Sunday #1

Instead of posting the occasional music video in an attempt to spread a little ‘culture’ and joy, I’ve decided to spring one on you each and every Sunday, mainly because this enables me to set up a post the day before, so I don’t need to turn the puter on come Sunday and so don’t break my resuscitated New Year Reso(vo)lution (in theory, at least).

And we’ll kick off with what is probably my all time favourite piece of classical music, Tchaikovsky’s wonderful “Italian Caprice”, here performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Tchaikovsky was the Springsteen of his day, and I love the sheer playfulness of the piece, but if you stick with it to the end there is a real powerhouse finish. I once attempted to ‘conduct’ it myself, and nearly dislocated an arm trying to keep up.

Fourteen minutes of pure bliss!

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2 Responses to Song for a Sunday #1

  1. Ray Cluley says:

    My favourite phrase of the week: “Tchaikovsky was the Springsteen of his day”

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