True Colours

I love this song, even if Cyndi is American and crepe at spelling.

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7 Responses to True Colours

  1. Ray says:

    Agreed – it’s orsome

  2. I thought it was T-h-e-B-o-s-s (to reduce any ‘e-e’ / ‘e-i’ anxiety)

    • petertennant says:

      I heard that he doesn’t like being called The Boss (and I’m now wondering if ‘Meet the New Boss’ would make a good title for the Ali feature in next BS – probably not).
      And I don’t like your new middle name 🙂

  3. Ray Cluley says:

    Just trying something new (which is to say I’ve no idea how that happened).

  4. Ray Cluley says:

    Maybe go with something about dark Ali s…

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