The Absentee Landlord

The proprietor of this blog has…




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6 Responses to The Absentee Landlord

  1. petertennant says:

    But I’ll be back in a week’s time, unless I catch something really nice (or nasty).

    Amuse yourselves in my absence 🙂

  2. Here’s hoping you catch a mermaid.

    • petertennant says:

      Alas, it appears I didn’t have the right kind of bait concealed about my person, but this was probably a good thing. If you’ve seen the latest “PotC” film, it appears mermaids are no longer the sweet creatures they used to be back in Darryl Hannah’s day.

  3. petertennant says:

    >>Are you saying we have to be happy with a stick of rock?!

    It’s a big stick of rock, and it has YARMOUTH printed through the middle. What’s not to love?

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