Today I Went To Cromer

Yep, today I went to Cromer, and tonight I planned to write something witty and insightful about that.

Only nothing interesting happened.

There were no public toilets on sale, nobody shouted at me, I didn’t find a dead cat on the beach or get caught out in a rainstorm. It was pretty much an idyllic day at the seaside. All very nice for me, but not the stuff of which scintillating blog posts are made.

I guess the Chinese are right – life is only interesting when it’s in the crapper.

Never mind. I’ll be interesting tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s Kylie. She’s a typeface.

I think this is possibly the worst song she’s ever done, but perhaps the best video.

Now why would I think that?


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4 Responses to Today I Went To Cromer

  1. Ali L says:

    Oh, didn’t you eat chips? Chips are interesting.

  2. petertennant says:

    Nah, I had cheese sandwiches with Branson sauce, and a bottle of shandy, so I could pretend I was having a Ploughman’s.

    Then I scoffed a packet of twelve Jaffa Cakes, one after the other, but I probably shouldn’t admit that.

    Regarding chips, we’re at that time of the year when I keep my powder dry until I see the magical phrase ‘Now frying new potatoes!’

  3. Ali L says:

    TWELVE Jaffa cakes?!!!

    No – sorry, I’m saying nowt.

    If that’s what ploughmen have for pud, I’m guessing you just had to force yourself.

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