Blogger in Drive-by Incident

No, I haven’t been shot at by a car full of hoodies armed with automatic weaponry while standing on a street corner minding my own business. Civilisation hasn’t reached this corner of Norfolk as yet.

I’ve been interviewed by Australian writer Angela Slatter, who regularly interviews people on her blog and always uses the phrase ‘Drive-by’ in the entry header.

Mine is Drive-by from Trumpetville.

Angela just won the Aurealis Award for her collection The Girl With No Hands, which I reviewed in Black Static #21 along with her other titles, all of which are mighty fine, so nip on over and show the lady some love.

And many thanks to Angela for doing this (the negatives are in the post).

I was going to write about Sarah Singleton’s “Death By Water” from Black Static #15, but like that Robert Frost guy I have appointments to keep and miles to something or other before I sleep.

So, tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Blogger in Drive-by Incident

  1. Ooh! Great tip about the Danish pastries.

    Not sure I’d like people licking my head, though… :-/

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