The Wolfman Cometh

I meant to post earlier in the day, but the time just ran away with me, as there is so much to do in preparation for tomorrow’s end of the world.

No, seriously.

According to some, when the Rapture occurs only 144,000 of us will be taken on to a better place (12k for each of the tribes of Israel), which is a comparatively small number given that there’s umpteen billion of us crowded here together on this mud ball. I consider this in conjunction with a statement made by the Jesus Dude about how difficult it is for rich people to get into heaven, easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. (In parenthesis, this comparison isn’t as daft as it sounds – Jerusalem in JC’s time had a ridiculously small side gate known colloquially as ‘the eye of the needle’ through which a fully laden camel couldn’t pass. I love showing off my RE ‘A’ level smarts.)

So, if a 144,000 homeless people disappeared off the streets all round the world, would anyone actually notice? By anyone, I mean the media. For all we know the Rapture might have been and gone, and those of us left are just living on pipe dreams and borrowed time.

The real appeal for me is going to be seeing which of our self-appointed moral guardians get left behind. Snigger, snigger. 

Anyway, Rapture allowing I’ll be back here blogging on Monday, and looking to see which of you people are still on the clock.

But before I go, Glen Duncan is a writer I really like (or the two books by him that I’ve read, anyway), so here’s a video that I also really like and an overdue explanation for this blog post’s header:-

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