The Old Morality

I have Black Static stories to write about and vampire films to discuss. What I don’t have at the moment is much free time, so here’s a crappy piece of vampire fiction to be going on with:-



            Stefan gazed with disgust at the livid patchwork of lacerations that adorned his son’s back. The men from the castle had whipped him with their quirts until the boy had lost consciousness and then left him for dead.

            ‘It could have been much worse,’ said Magda. ‘He was caught in the barn with the miller’s daughter. You know the law. They would have been within their rights to kill him. The boy was lucky.’

            ‘Lucky,’ repeated her husband and shrugged. ‘When I was his age boys were allowed to fool around with girls. It was harmless fun. Nobody bothered their heads about such things, but now the nobility are all fired up about morality and it’s the likes of us must bear the brunt of their zeal.’

            Magda remembered her own first pregnancy and said nothing. What was harmless fun for the man often had real consequences for the woman, which was how she’d ended up married to this useless lump in the first place.

            Stefan was the father of one son and it was only to be expected that he should be outraged on behalf of the boy, but as the mother of three daughters Magda took a different view, and was thankful that the Countess Bathory was such a moral lady and had made it her business to safeguard the virtue of the young women who lived on her estates.

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