Thoughts for the Weekend #4

Yeah, I know it’s not the weekend yet, but I’m in a ‘life gets in the way’ situation, and probably won’t be posting here again for a few days.

ITEM: My computer is sick and it’s making me sick. I spend half my computer time staring at unmoving or blank screens, while the processor makes up its mind what to do. It’s old and dated, just like its owner. Screaming at it makes my throat sore and the little vein on the left side of my temple throb so I think it’s going to burst and spray blood all over the screen (okay, maybe I’ve watched too many horror movies).

If it breaks for good (and my using an axe to put it out of my misery is a definite possibility – those anger management courses just didn’t take), I won’t be able to buy a new one, which begs the question, if you’re not online do you even exist?

I remember that Sunday, when I try not to turn the computer on, is the happiest day of my week, and take heart from that.

The rest of you are going to miss me though 🙂

ITEM: Last week it was Beyonce and Salma. This week Pamela Anderson is spamming me with details of her diet course. It’s weird to think that when all these Hollywood A-listers (and Pam) get together, all they can think to do is chat about that ‘tubby Tennant’. I wonder if they have a sweepstake going to see who can sell to me first.

ITEM: Tomorrow I have to go to Norwich, and might kill time with a cinema visit. The only current releases that appeal are Cave of Forgotten Dreams and Source Code, but I’ve no idea which one to see. Decisions, decisions. As an alternative I could go and have a mammoth session in the ‘eat as much as you want’ Indian buffet. After all, if I put on weight, I know of a great diet plan…

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2 Responses to Thoughts for the Weekend #4

  1. Hope the computer holds out 😦

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