Thoughts for the Weekend #2

ITEM: The 3rd of April is Mothering Sunday, and so of course various commercial interests are making suggestions as to what we should purchase for our nearest and dearest.

Earlier in the week I received an email from Zavvi informing me of a 10% MILF discount. Admittedly they did say it stood for “Mothers I’d Like to Fuss”, but all the same when pornspeak goes mainstream you have to believe the Rapture won’t be far behind.

And, in parenthesis, I think I now have a firmer grasp of why Zavvi didn’t fare so well in the high street.

ITEM: A friend sent me a link to a picture they thought might be of interest to me. I’m not going to post the picture, as I can’t be doing with all the fuss of making this blog Mature Readers Only or whatever. However if you click on the link you will find a photograph of a bicycle come taxi masquerading as a giant vagina, the creation of Finnish artist Mimosa Pale.

Contrarily, upon seeing this image for the first time, my immediate thought was not ‘isn’t that a radical method of getting from A to B’ or even ‘isn’t modern art a strange and wonderful thing’, but simply…

WTF is Lady Gaga up to now!

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