Broken News

Not breaking, but broken.

I don’t blog on a Sunday – not a religious thing, but a matter of needing at least one day of the week when I don’t spend nearly all my time seated in front of the computer.

However, it’s bad to get into habits. Habits – getting up at the same time every day, taking the same route to the office etc – are what make us vulnerable to attack by professional assassins and Jehovah’s Witnesses. And so today I’m blogging somewhere else and also blogging here to tell people about it on the off chance anyone is reading blogs on a Sunday and has an interest in my blatherings.

The somewhere else is the blog of Australian writer Shane Jiraiya Cummings. Shane has been holding a month long ‘grand conversation’ about ebooks and related matters. As well as informed opinion, he wanted input from people who know pretty much nothing about ebooks, and that pretty much describes me. Check it out. And check out some of the posts by sensible people as well. Lots of food for thought going spare.

Today somebody arrived at this blog by doing a search on ‘zombie cabana thing’ – I checked on google and yes, if you search those words Trumpetville does come out on top of the first page of results. But why would anybody be searching for that particular chain of words? The mind boggles, or should I say that it boogles?

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