Bad News On the Doorstep

ITEM: It seems that when you go to the government’s jobseekers’ direct website and do a search for vacancies within 30 miles of Norwich using the term ‘gambling worker’ among the results thrown up are ‘Personal Banker’ and ‘Post Office Counter Clerk’.

Either the people who programmed the jobseekers’ search engine had a delightful sense of irony, or they know something about the intricacies of finance that the rest of us don’t.

ITEM: Last Saturday I mentioned that lemon and blueberry flavour muffins from one of the village stores were better than sex, and since then, every time I pop into the store they seem to have sold out. All that’s left is one solitary raspberry ripple muffin looking very lonesome on the shelf. I can only imagine that somebody who reads this blog is grabbing all the good muffins before I can get there.

I’m not the sort of person though who leaves a shop empty handed just because they don’t have the particular goodies he desires. On Tuesday, I picked up a chunkie Kit Kat. The bar code read 51p, but I pointed out to the sales lady that the shelf price was 49p. When I went in today, Kit Kat’s had been marked up to 52p. I bought some Caramel Chocolate – bar code 56p, shelf price 55p. Anyone care to guess what it will be priced tomorrow?

Yep, it’s me, I’m the one who is driving inflation by insisting shops charge the marked price. Sorry Dave.

ITEM: We have some good news. Sports commentator Andy Gray has been sacked by Sky, after his sexist and offensive remarks, and quite right too. The man reveals himself as a dinosaur.

I watched the story unfold on yahoo news, and seeing the comments people made was depressing. The majority opinion seemed to be that the real culprits were whoever had leaked the taped remarks made by Gray, with a soupcon of idiots posting about whether they would ‘do’ lines woman Sian Massey and a few enlightened souls who thought football could be improved by the participation of more women, as long as they wore low cut tops and had large breasts.

Mind you, these comments were mild compared to those being passed when Elton John’s paternity was announced. Welcome to the worldwide web. The technology of the twenty first century being used to promulgate the prejudices of the 1950s.

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